Achievers - Assisted Learning centre

About Us

We are a small cottage school in Douglasdale.

We tutor children between the ages of 9 and 15.

Julia and Lauren are both involved in teaching the children.

We will not take more than 10 children.

The school is well suited to children who don’t fit into the mainstream environment. This may be that they have inquiring minds that leave them bored and frustrated in a traditional classroom, or they may need more one on one attention.

We aim to reawaken a love of learning by discovering the children’s interests, providing hands on activities, games and experiments related to what we are learning about.

We don’t only look at the curriculum related work but also take each child’s interests into consideration – be it programming, cooking, building bridges, or even dress making.

Each child has an Individual Education Plan to ensure the focus and requirements are understood, managed and tracked. We aim to build healthy self-esteem in each child by recognising and celebrating their uniqueness and talents. The more enjoyment there is in learning, the more time is spent, and this makes a tremendous difference with proficiency.

We have outings on a weekly basis. These include (but are not limited to) the University of Johannesburg’s Technolab (e.g. structures, pulleys, hydraulics, robotics etc), Delta Park’s Environment Centre (e.g. map reading and orienteering, ecosystems etc.) and art classes by a prolific SA artist (John Moore).

Philosophy is provided as a subject (P4C) with the most interesting critical thinking and cognitive thinking.

Remediation is offered.

Social skills are taught and emotional intelligence built.

A formal curriculum can be followed, if required.

Costs R5000 over 11 months.



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Messy day

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Group photo

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The Team

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Lauren ...

Lauren Heather Gordon

Lauren has been in the teaching profession since receiving her Diploma from Montessori in 1998.

Julia ...


Jingles ...


Just one of many letters written to Lauren ...

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GED Centre

GED logo

The GED centre is for children aged 16 and up. It is for children who are battling in mainstream. Children who would like to finish school to study further or pursue their own interests and even open up their own business.

The GED credential is recognised by SAQA as being comparable to the SA National Senior Certificate (NSC- Grade 12) or NQ4 level.

The GED exam is also internationally recognised as a high school leavers equivalent. This is good news for adults or homeschoolers who did not get their matric and allows them to get better jobs, or study further in South Africa or internationally. Once you receive a letter of admission from a US university, you can apply to any South African University. You can contact the GED head office for a full list of universities and institutions who have accepted GED candidates already or read their testimonial page. follow this link

Cooking School


Children from the age of Seven can attend the classes in the afternoons. Times are from 2-4 weekdays.

They need not be accompanied by their mums for these classes. The children will learn how to make sweet and savoury dishes that are not only nutritious but also delicious! They will learn to follow recipes and use measuring cups and scales.

Dishes will include but are not limited to the following:-

 • Macaroni cheese (one of their favourites)

 • Spaghetti bolognaise

 • Scones

 • Flapjacks

 • Muffins

 • Crepes

 • Bread

 • Salads

 • Different potato dishes

 • Stews

 • Soups

Children will also learn the cooking terminology such as:-

Bake; baste; batter; beat; blend; dice; drizzle; dust; flambe; fold; fry; glaze; grate; gratin; knead.

Working mums wont have to worry about making dinner anymore, your children will have it sorted for you when you get home !!

Fees - R200 per lesson. Children will take their meals home for all to taste.

A different dish will be learnt each week. No more than 5 children per session, so booking in advance is essential.


You can find us at ...
Carisbrooke Estate, Hornbill Road, Douglasdale.
To see a map just click/tap the line above.
We currently cater for ages 9-15 years.
Our hours are ...
Monday to Friday from 8:30am until 1:00pm
We follow the three-term private schools' calendar.

Give Lauren a call on:
083 300 5583

or email Lauren direct: