'Achievers' offer a better education for your child, simply because we never have more than eight children, in order to give them more personal attention and therefore, more concentrated 'one-on-one' teaching and subsequently more learning!

We are a small home based learning center. The children learn in the comfort of a home environment. During Winter we sit inside with heaters on and during summer we sit outside by the trees and watch the beautiful birds in the garden whilst working.

There is supporting evidence to prove that primary aged children who are taught at home learn more than in a school environment according to the first study into the benefits of home learning.

We have a daily activity such as trips to the library, cooking and baking, art and science experiments. More emphasis is put on learning life skills - such as communication, interpersonal skills, as well as self esteem and responsibility.

We are at Carisbrooke Estate, Hornbill road, Douglasdale. and currently cater for Grades 1-4 (ages 7-10).
Our hours are ...
Monday to Thursday from 8:00am until 1:00pm
Friday from 8:00am until 12:00pm.
We run according to government school terms.

OUR CURRICULUM - we use a service provider called 'Le-Amen' who are registered with the Gauteng Deparment of Education (GDE) and have been running for over twenty years, using the CAPS system - the National Curriculum for the Educational Policy Statement which is registered with the IEB - International Education Board.

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